Advanced Software Partner

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For every manufacturing operation that builds really big things such as ships, planes, cars and freight trains, or smaller things such as surgical instruments, dental implants and iPods, software is critical to the manufacturing process. It’s advanced manufacturing software and we have a long-standing relationship with a leader in this industry.

Over a course of several years we have designed a series of large sales and marketing meetings (audience size 1,500) that have also had to feature in-depth training and breakout sessions. Blending entertainment with a deep level of technical involvement is required, and it’s the type of challenge we thrive on.

We bring the sales, marketing and training messages to life on stage in a variety of ways, including powerful music videos, great graphics and staging, and live elements such as performance troops and Cirque style vignettes. We also help streamline diverse and technical presentations — including live demos — to make them clear and compelling for the audience. Clear and compelling is how we design every event, large or small.