Internet Security

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A leading innovator of cybercrime-fighting software wanted help in producing a major business meeting for several hundred top employees from around the world. And they didn’t want something predictable; they wanted something truly innovative that would be as fun and engaging as it would be informational and purposeful. No problem, that’s what we do!

From comedy sketches such as “Cybercrime Dating Game” and a unique 360-degree cyber video surface, to a live DJ style host and audience interaction, to crisp executive presentations in an intimate comedy club-style room design, this event was the perfect blend of information, motivation and fun.

In addition we used a very creative game show atmosphere to bring fun and involvement to a series of advanced training breakouts. We even created a signature, one-of-a-kind house drink in the company’s branded colors for the evening gala. It was a hit, as was the entire event. Onward crime fighters!